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The Life & Legacy 
Estate Planning Course 

Because Your Great Family Deserves A Great Plan


Convenient Planning Done Right!

Welcome to the Great Family Estate Planning Course.  By clicking the button, you'll be invited to begin the course.  This Course is designed to help you complete your estate plan in 

3 Easy Steps:

1.  Watch the videos and make your selections

2.  A member of the Sechler Law Firm team will follow up with you to review your decisions and make suggestions in a 
No-Cost Consultation

3.  After finalizing your documents, we'll help you execute the documents appropriately

It's never been easier to complete your plan.  Get started now.
This course if free.  We will NOT ask you for a credit card number.  


My name is Tim Sechler and I created this course because I have a passion for helping people create great plans for their families.  I have seen far too many families lose control and assets because of poor legal planning or by using the terrible online systems.  

I firmly believe that when properly educated, parents will always act in their family's best interest.  As a busy parent myself, I also know that taking time away from work and family to meet a lawyer is a challenge.  Because of the scheduling challenges (or because of pure laziness), most lawyers don't take the time to properly educate their clients .

This course is my attempt to get you started down the path of creating a great plan for your family.  I trust you'll find the course helpful and I look forward to meeting you! 
Tim Sechler 
The Great Family Estate Planning Course is Free.  However, if you choose to hire the Sechler Law Firm, LLC to prepare your documents, there will be affordable legal fees for your plan. We will discuss our Flat Fee structure during our FREE consultation.

This course is designed for educational purposes and should not be considered legal advice. By viewing this course, you agree that you are not considering the information as legal advice and you agree that you are not making legal decisions based on the content. Your specific situation requires a specific legal solution and you should hire a lawyer. This is why we offer FREE consultations with our lawyers. If you so choose, our firm would be happy to help!
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